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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jun 26, 2020

Everyone loves it when everything goes according to plan. You plan for dinner, you plan for the weekend, but what about your career? Career’s need to have a plan, just like everything else in life. How do you expect to succeed when you don’t have a plan? Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon, talk to Boise State University IEEE students about career planning. These soon to be college graduates are about to enter a workforce dealing with coronavirus. They will face unique challenges and need to learn how to adapt. Now more than ever, a career must have a plan. Specific Questions Discussed: How do I get constructive feedback from my manager? What questions should I ask in an interview? What important skills should I know? How do I get promoted? What should I focus on as an intern? In an interview, how do I answer “where do you see yourself in 5 years”? How do I handle my career goals that are different from what my family wants? Live resume reviews How do I develop my skills when managers won’t help? How long until I should ask for a promotion? For building my LinkedIn network, should I focus on quality or quantity? How do I become a "go-to" person?