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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

It’s been months and many people with the ability to work from home are still operating remotely. To a lot of company’s surprise, production has increased. That's great, but there were also unforeseen issues: video meeting fatigue, isolation, remotely onboarding new hires, etc. As these new issues arise, they're addressed... but there is no "one size fits all" approach. What works for one team might not make sense for another. Despite all the challenges, working from home/remote is going to be around for the significant future, so how do we make it great? How do we handle a work -life balance when life and work are so intertwined? Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon talk about what the future of work at home could look like and some of the unique ways on how to lead in today’s environment. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Questions Discussed - What is your long-term vision of what working from home will look like? - Do you think groups will see a savings in their budget as a result of working from home? - Are you pivoting from open offices to protect employees? - In the future of work from home, will those going into the office get promoted more? - How will companies address the problem of secured and good Internet access for work from home? - Most large companies use physical location as a modifier for compensations. Do you think this will go away or become less pronounced as time goes on? - Any tips on how to tell your boss that your team needs someone to lead a project with more experience? - How are presentation format changing with the new work from home situation? Is video chat viable for the long term? - Do you think office work will go back to normal? - What is the best way to ask my manager for more responsibility? - Do you foresee working from home becoming a perk to attract employees? - Imagine a company that is founded during COVID and is 100% remote. After COVID this company got a office and wants to try local work. How do you find a compromise for employees coming to work local? How would you approach your employees? - For new hires whose managers haven' t adapted to the exclusive work from home environment, how do they best network/ learn team culture? - Do you think it's viable to request permanent working from home when things go back too normal when before COVID-19 managers where reluctant to allow working from home?