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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

For some, working from home might become the new normal due to Coronavirus. But is that good or bad? The first thing to remember is that working from home is NOT the same thing as taking a day off. It’s still work. Your boss might not be in your face, but they know who is (and who isn't) working. Now is the time to step up. For some of us, work from home is nothing new. For others it’s a completely new concept. There will be a give and take, more freedom and demands. Don’t take advantage of the situation – instead use it as an opportunity. Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon talk about how to work effectively from home. Specific Questions Discussed: How do you build relationships when your team is remote? For conference calls, do managers prefer video or audio only? If I can work from home, can I work from anywhere? What is the ideal balance between work from home and at the office? Why do I feel I need to worker harder working from home? How do I manage remote teams? How to conduct a one on one remotely with direct reports? Do introverts have a harder time working remote? How do I deal with people taking advantage of working from home? What do you think is needed to successfully work from home? How do I impress my boss while working remotely? How do I effectively lead a remote team? How do I ask a new employer about working from home? What questions should I ask during my one on one meeting? How do I ask my manager for more…?