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Ethan Evans Podcast

Apr 25, 2020

The vast majority of successful professionals are not executives today. Many do not wish to be, or are not sure if they want to be. Some of you, however, do want to become executives. Others are curious to know what it takes to be an executive leader. Many people can benefit from at least understanding how executives get their roles and then succeed at them. After all, unless you run your own company (in which case, you are the Chief EXECUTIVE Officer), you probably ultimately work for an executive. Understanding that person and their role will likely help you succeed - may even help you stand out. Ethan Evans and David Markley reflect on their experiences and how their approach to work, their actions and business decisions brought them to their current executive leadership roles, and what they do today as leaders in highly visible roles. Tune in to hear how some of their tips and insights can help you speed-run your own career and development.