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Ethan Evans Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

What is the “secret” to a good career development plan? Or more simply put, what will give you a clear and effective plan for your career?

Ethan had a revelation this weekend while researching what titles lead people to read further into what is written.  When it comes to personal development (think, dieting), most people would like to hear that there is a quick, secret way to success. We think this is natural, looking for a shortcut.

With career, there are few shortcuts.  However, there can be insights, or what we’d call tips, that can make you more effective day after day, so that after a relatively short period of time (a few years), you have pulled far ahead of peers in your career.  After all, why are some people CEOs in their 20s (imagine the list of tech CEOs who have done this) while others are stuck unhappily in mid-level jobs that they no longer like in their 40’s or 50’s?  More than just luck or even skill typically sets them apart.

We would argue that most hyper-successful individuals have a career plan, even if it is subconscious and very simple.  In our next Twitch broadcast, Ethan will discuss what he believes forms the basis of a good career plan and the “simple secret” of making your own.