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Ethan Evans Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

Every life has seasons. There will be periods when you have lots of time and energy for your job and times when you struggle to hang on. How should you manage these variations? You can have a very successful career without always working flat out. Some types of work build this in, with natural crunch periods. Accountants have the quarterly and year-end closings, as well as tax season. Many retailers have a fourth-quarter push. Video game development is famous for crunch time. All college students recognize midterms and finals week as a type of crunch, and “spring break” as a literal break. On a more personal level, how can you anticipate some of these periods to best manage them? What can you do when you suddenly find yourself burnt out or forced to take an unexpected pause? What about when things are going your way? How can managers pace their team's crunch time? How can "A career is a marathon and not a sprint" be interpreted in your own professional trajectory?