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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to get promoted. But here’s the problem: there is a disconnect between what you, as an employee, feel is the best way to get promoted and what your boss expects. We've all been there. You work really hard and deserve a promotion, but you keep getting passed over. Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon, give some straight talk on promotions and what he has learned the hard way over the last 25 years. Learn how to properly approach your manager, ask for a promotion, and GET the promotion. These simple tips can work whether it’s your first day or you have been at the company for 20 years. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Specific Questions Discussed: What if you collaborated with others, worked as a team with your co-workers, figure out their goals in order to get promoted faster? Can you get promoted faster as a group or go it alone? What is the best way to ask your boss for a promotion? How to ensure you're promoted every two years? How much of the promotion process is my responsibility? How much does my education matter in getting promoted? How do you view promotions while at a job compared to interviewing up? What if there is not enough opportunities to help everyone on the team get promoted? When making a job switch what are your thoughts on being firm on position and salary wanted? How do you expand your scope to go beyond your manager? I was recently slotted for a promotion this quarter, but I got a new manager and when I asked about the status of my promotion, I was told they weren’t prepared to promote me. What should I do? Should you stay with a good manager on your current team or take a new position with an uncertain manager that has (potentially) more interesting projects? How to convince your boss you can work from home? What can you do when you are too valuable to the team and the team can’t lose you? Am I stuck in my current position? How can you create collaboration between two groups that have common goals? My manager and I are at the same level. How do I support their goals while at the same time trying to get promoted? How to start the conversation with coworkers to change their zero sum mindset?