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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

You've been at your job or position for a while, and for one reason or another it’s just not working for you. You want a change, but you're unsure how to approach it. How do you use your experience in a new job where your experience is the wrong type of experience? How do you know that a career change is the right thing for you to do? Whether it’s a personal reason, or reasons of happiness or career advancement, sometimes career changes make sense. Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon talk about career changes and how to implement them effectively. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Stream Questions - Should I focus on happiness or paying my bills? - How do I make a good first impression at a new job? - Is pivoting in school the same as pivoting in a career? - What is the best way to impress my boss? - How do I change careers without relevant work experience? - How much do you see college major even relates what they do? - As a manager how do you handle an employee who wants a career change? - What is the best way to quit my job? - How do I get a good job without a degree? - Is a PhD worth it? - Do all executives have a strong finance background? - Are sales skills a transferable skill across industries? - My career isn’t progressing how I want, what should I do? - Would you rather move forward with a company you don't believe in or take a lesser job with a company you believe in? How does this change the older you get? - Is an MBA worth it?