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Ethan Evans Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

Numerous studies have shown that diversity in the workplace increases performance for the team and the business. When co-workers are from different backgrounds they bring different thoughts and ideas. This leads to an increase in innovation that in turn will produce a higher quality product or service. It’s simple: employees just perform better when there are different viewpoints and opinions. Watch Ethan Evans, former VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon, talk about how executive search works and the challenges that it entails. Ethan Evans’ views are his own and he is not speaking on behalf of Amazon or Twitch. Specific Questions Discussed: How does executive job search work? Will recruiters / hiring managers consider executives from different industries? Is there a better way to apply for a job than the company’s website? If I am under qualified, how can I still get an interview? How do you prepare for an executive interview? What’s the best way for a new manager to climb the career ladder? Thank you for watching!