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Ethan Evans Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Interviews can be unfair. They are largely one-sided, with you answering whatever is asked. While you can predict many questions, some of them will come as complete surprises. Yet if you get caught off guard or stumble over something unexpected, it can cost you the job. I’ve spent the last week collecting and amassing a list of interview questions that worry people the most. The ones for which there are no great answers, such as “...Why didn’t you finish college?...” While it can be difficult to offer a response that leaves the interviewer thinking “, I can’t wait to hire this person!”, you can focus your energy on providing an answer that gets you past the question and moves your interview forward. If you would like to hear a wide range of tough interview questions, with varied response options, come join our broadcast. The live Twitch stream of this session had great input from our live viewers on their own interview answers, giving you