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Ethan Evans Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has become a perfect test of different leadership responses. From business leaders to government officials, everyone was given the same challenge, problem, and timing. As with business operations, different leaders took different approaches to solving their problems. Some leaders shut everything down, others partially shut down, and other leaders took a more relaxed approach and did nothing. Regardless of their choices, a choice was made and a direction was taken. Though a pandemic is not normal, making choices and varied leadership style is. In business, there are always choices to make. These choices could result in a major success or a monumental disaster. Watch Ethan Evans VP of Twitch at Amazon talk about these choices, good, bad, or indifferent and how to make the best choices for your career. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Questions Discussed - What is the best way to deal with a micromanaging boss? - As a leader how do you make the best decisions when the information changes? - How do you push software adoption in a small organization? - As a leader, how can I shape my teams culture? - How can new hires show leadership quickly? - How do you deal with a leader/ manager that has minimal focus and leads the team in many chaotic directions? - Do you think productivity tracking software being used on remote employees is effective?