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Ethan Evans Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

If your career were summed up into a tweet, what would yours say? What about your life? Neither is easy to condense down to 140 characters, but this level of simplicity is how a lot of stuff we deal with is decided. Your promotion comes down to a yes or no. Your grades at school are different levels of pass or fail. But life is not that simple and neither is your career. No one will always get everything right and sometimes just trying IS good enough. Watch Ethan Evans, VP of Twitch Prime at Amazon, share his life and career advice that everyone should hear. Specific Questions Discussed: How do I mention impact when I'm a new grad with little professional experience? If I am the only one that can do my job, am I stuck since I am invaluable? What do you wish new grads did more of early in their career? In interviewing someone, is there ever a “we need to hire this person right now” moment? With COVID-19, I’m being virtually on-boarded at work. How can I make a good first impression? What’s one way you’ve distinguished yourself as the best one to get the job done? What do I do when my product manager isn't doing their job? They're asking for deliverables before creating requirements. I'm a product designer and it's nearly impossible to do my job this way. Is it wise to be wary of HR? How do I get coworkers to support my idea? What was the hardest lesson you have learned during your career? Is it professional to wear a mask to an in-person interview ? What would you say to someone who wants to start building professional relationships? Should I quit my job?